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Download Festival

Live Nation

The main stage at Download, Donington Park has seen performances from the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses and Slipknot. It’s the loud heartbeat of the festival, and Star Events has been providing promoter Live Nation with the platform since the start, in 2003.

Star also supplies a 20m VerTech system for Stage 2, multi-level FoH control, Stages 3 & 4, V-Towers for for delays/followspots and latterly, safety and security to the fore, with 18 look out towers, spread around the arena and the campsites.

Star Events is the consummate British staging company, I work with the people I like working with. I’m very loyal unless they let me down and Star has always delivered. You can bet your life at least 10 times the week before Download I’ll go to Phil Addyman and say: ‘Any chance…?’ And it’s always, ‘Yes’. Phil, Pete Holdich, all the Star site delivery teams are really, really good.

John Probyn, Festival Director, Download

In 2014, Festival Director John Probyn tasked Star Events with sourcing two ‘totem poles’ to replace the traditional scrims at the front of its VT2525 VerTech ‘Stephen Sutton’ main stage. Phil Addyman, Star’s Senior Project manager, recommended props and art specialist MDM and the two companies worked to refine the structural design of the six sections a side, bolted together to ensure they could be rigged effectively by a dedicated Star team, and secured in a bay at the front of the platform.

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4 stages with associated structures
18 look out towers
Up to 50 crew
20 days duration
35 trucks

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