Laughs In The Park

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Laughs In The Park

Just For Laughs Live Ltd

Mick Perrin Worldwide produced and promoted Laughs in the Park, the UK’s first major outdoor comedy festival. Star Events were the appointed provider for seating, stage, delays, ancillary structures and rigging for the three day event that ran over two years.

Taking stand-up comedy, a genre that normally requires concentration in a dark and intimate room, into the outside world requires additional thought and planning for a whole host of issues that would not normally be a consideration for a more standard event: comfortable seating, clear line of sight to the stage for all, perfect audio, a silent stage (despite the wind and inclement weather) with a theatrical setting.

Star Events not only provided all of the elements to a very high and professional standard, but they proactively supported the event organisers in identifying areas where things could be altered, improved and supported by their staff and infrastructure. Not only did they embrace the mindset of such an undertaking, but they gave the event organisers the time to address other areas of the event, safe in the knowledge that Star Events were taking care of business! Expectation was high, but the quality of delivery was higher
Nick Handford, Event Manager, Mick Perrin Worldwide

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Key facts
24 trucks
24 crew
5 day build
2 day removal

Services used
– 2500 pax Grandstand Seating
– 4500 pax Flat Floor Tip Up Seating
– VerTech 15m Stage
– Spot Towers
– Camera Platforms
– V Tower Delays
– 1008 Mobile Stage

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