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Royal Windsor Horse Show


The Royal Windsor Horse Show is the host to International Jumping, Driving, Dressage and Endurance Competitions. It is an annual event that has been running since 1943. Star have been supplying services to the event for many years.

Star became a leading supplier in 2011 where the then new 20/20 roof system had its debut showing, using all 365 linear meters of roofed grandstand that created a magnificent main arena for the show. 2011 was practically used as a technical rehearsal for the following glorious Diamond Jubilee Pageant year. Star Events supplied a wide range of products in 2012, including Covered Seating, a VerTech Stage beautifully masked as Buckingham Palace, uncovered seats and an array of support structures and rigging.

Our brief was very challenging and Star proposed the best use of space with many detailed extras that demonstrated the depth of their experience. Although we had some other very good bids there was only one choice in the end and I am looking forward to working with them and their team.

Michael Shephard, MD of HPower Group

Although 2012 was a grand and special year, it set the precedent for the years that followed. The expectation of the high quality Vista overlay remained and the client didn’t want to lose the quality experience for the customers. So, 2013 was marked for a baby version of the DJP VISTA. Just big enough to accommodate the Royal Family, associates and the RWHS members and sponsors, but without compromising the quality of the DJP version.

In 2014 following a rigorous competitive tendering process, Star Events was delighted to announce a 3 year contract to supply all of the East Ringside Hospitality Facility requirements for the RWHS for the period 2014 to 2016.

The VISTA design for 2014 created a complex hospitality structure with luxury viewing, private access, suites, climate controlled spaces with several separate access routes within the structure footprint. It oozed quality, stability and functionality beyond expectations. Along side of the VISTA, Star Events continued to supply all of the support structures and production rigging.

Tez Sheals-Barrett, project manager and bid team leader for this contract for Star Events said that ‘The RWHS is the event where the capabilities of the VISTA are utilized to meet its potential. It is always a challenge to design and yet always a pleasure to deliver. The results are always breathtaking’

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