‘Mulberry Reflections’ pop up event February 2019

Feb 25, 2019

Client – Inca Productions. 

Project – ‘Mulberry Reflections’ pop up event February 2019

Location – next to Mulberry’s Regent St flagship store

Star Events doesn’t just provide amazing stages, rigging and structures, it creates fantastic design overlay for some of the world’s most creative agencies and brands too.   

Inca Productions’ installation for Mulberry’s Swinging Sixties inspired Spring/Summer 2019 collection is a contemporary case in point.

Working with Setsquare Staging’s raised timber water feature structure, Star manufactured and installed a custom-made 35sq m pool liner. 

Manufactured in accordance with detailed plans to ensure a snug fit, the pool held nearly 4,000 litres of water, dyed black for a reflective finish. It combined interactive and immersive elements mirroring everything that was fabulous about London’s cultural explosion in the 1960s.

The infrastructure, the production, in Regent Street looked every bit as stylish as Mulberry’s discerning clients would expect.   

Images courtesy of Inca Productions. Photographer Daniel Sims

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