We offer the following seating ranges:
  • Mobile Grandstands
    A class leading 171 seats, fully roofed, that fold out in minutes from a single vehicle. Quick, economical and good branding opportunities.
  • Eco range Grandstands
    A range of temporary and permanent grandstand seating solutions, featuring the latest 500mm wide seats, 750mm seat pitch and a fixed rise of 250mm that suits most events.
  • QP Seating®
    Our QP Seating® (Quasi Parabolic™) grandstand system uses a range of different height rises that can be changed on a bay by bay basis throughout a grandstand, getting very close to the ideal Parabolic Curve profile for a clear view but with a system that is simple, fast and economic to install. Better C-Values improve spectator experience. Extra legroom and very comfortable air insulated seats complete this range.
  • 20-20 Roof
    Our simply amazing grandstand roof. It is called 20-20 because it can cover 20 rows of seats and the front supports can be up to 20 metres apart for superb weather protection and an unobstructed view. Add in the ability to support concert levels of sound and lights and this makes a totally unique product in the events industry.
  • Flat Floor
    A floor bar component is available to enable all the advantages and spacing of the QP Seating® system to be maintained for flat floor areas. These work equally well on indoor surfaces, temporary pitch coverings and even quite rough grass areas.
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