VerTech™ Stages

VerTech™ Stages: Versatile Technology

VerTech™ is our range of ‘Versatile Technology’ components that can make everything from world-class concert stages to screen supports, bridges, pyramids, towers – almost anything you can imagine! The variable roof spans, strengths, trim heights, floor heights and production facilities allow you to customise and order exactly what you need.

16m main roof widths

A medium size stage, keeping the appealing VerTech aesthetic and substantial grid load capacity, whilst fulfilling market requirements for an intermediate sized ‘festival’ stage. This can be the main stage for a small festival or the 2nd stage at a medium to large festival. Recommended for audiences of 5,000 – 30,000

20m main roof widths

The VerTech 20m system saw its first outing at the legendary Stone Roses concert on Spike Island in the River Mersey in 1990. Used across the world in over 30 countries since and with many hundreds of upgrades, it is now the first choice of many promoters and event organisers. Extensive customisation options and can be fitted with our Active Roof Technology to weigh productions in real time. Recommended for audiences of 15,000 – 50,000

25m main roof widths

The VerTech 25m system is the logical progression of the ubiquitous 20m version and is the flag-ship of our range, suitable for the world’s biggest events. Active Roof Technology provides duty holders with reassurance of rigging loads even during the most demanding changeovers between headliners. With over 100 different options and rigging capacities in excess of 100 tons it is suitable for audiences of 30,000 – 120,000

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