Roger Barrett has been made a Specialist Fellow of the IIRSM (International Institute of Risk & Safety Management) recognising his extraordinary commitment to professional competence and risk management.

The route to Fellowship requires a depth of detail in step with the Institute’s considerable reputation. At least 50 per cent of your working time must be spent on Health & Safety Management and you must have five years’ experience in a senior health and safety role.

Barrett submitted a formal Petition document highlighting his relevant achievements, under very specific headings, supported by extensive samples of his work and references from professionals with similar skill sets. And the scrutiny never stops.

IIRSM Fellows commit to continuing professional development (CPD) and to further developing risk and safety management in and around the industry they serve.

“The IIRSM encourages you to focus on good practice in your own market, which is something Star Events takes very seriously, avoiding unnecessary risk among the people who work with us and for us,” Barrett says.

“Beyond that though, as an IIRSM member for a number of years, I respect its recognition of risk management skills outside the traditional H&S industry. I’m honoured to be a Fellow and to continue to raise the profile of risk management and the invaluable role it plays in the world of events.”